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8 Digital Marketing Trends You Didn’t Know About

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For most people, the new year means embracing a “new you.” But for marketers steeped in all things digital, the new year is all about exploring and applying digital marketing trends you probably haven’t heard of yet.

Here are the top digital marketing trends you’ll see from 2023 and beyond — according to HX and digital marketing agency GO Digital, whose expertise covers a wide range: from web and app development to affiliate marketing and digital strategy including UI, UX, SEO, paid search, marketing automation, and social.

data-driven digital marketing campaigns.

1. Email marketing facelifts

No, email marketing is not obsolete; we’re far from that happening. Fact: 89% of marketers still consider email marketing among their primary tools for carrying out campaigns and hitting key metrics. What digital marketing experts have to consider is that there are email marketing trends that will also determine the success of their future email marketing campaigns.

Discussions on this can go on and on, but here are some of the digital email marketing trends you must watch out for.

Hyper-personalised email marketing

Did you know that 68% of recipients will automatically delete electronic mail that doesn’t resonate with them? There is also a 54% chance that people who receive electronic newsletters will hit the unsubscribe button from the get-go. One way to lessen these chances is customising digital mail to suit a certain audience segment’s preferences and behaviours. Of course, this should be guided by reliable data that will give insights about the people you’re targetting. Use data to make sure that your email marketing campaign has the kind of personality your intended audience will like.

Email marketing automation

Digital marketing trends are supposed to do at least either of these two things: make your job easier or get results more efficiently. Automation does both. How you go about email marketing automation is up to your business. You can create templates, improve email scrubbing, and even develop ways to nurture potential leads such as follow-up emails or abandoned cart emails.

Email marketing interactivity

There will come a time when good-looking static emails won’t be enough to hold your audience segment’s interest. Improve user engagement with the power of creative technology! Email marketing interactivity will involve dynamic features in your newsletter or digital mail such as videos, toggles, music, quizzes, and various moving parts onscreen. The average person gives only an initial eight seconds of their attention span before swiping up or down (or out of the frame) — make it worth their while, visually and from a storytelling standpoint.

Mobile-first email marketing

Speaking of swiping, when it comes to email marketing, be in a mobile-first state of mind from UI to UX. Most people read emails from their mobile devices these days. Consider that the next time you run an email marketing campaign in 2023.

2. Real-time messaging as data hubs

With instant gratification comes real-time messaging. If targeted audience segments expect to be rewarded instantly with certain online interactions, all the more will they expect to be assisted in real-time — even when conversations aren’t face-to-face in the physical sense. Investing in a good real-time messaging platform, strategy, and campaign will also double as a data centre where businesses can gather information about their clients.

Real-time messaging platforms can also be a venue for companies’ knowledge bases to shine and evolve. Use them as your foundation for reliable real-time customer service. As real-time messaging continues to evolve through chat apps and virtual assistance, digital marketing practices will evolve, too. Stay on top of this digital marketing trend.

3. Outsourced digital marketing

Digital marketing has increasingly become demanding, especially in terms of the expertise required to catch up amid time-starved strategies and ever-evolving tech. While this can certainly be done in-house, a digital marketing trend that continues to rise is reliance on outsourced digital marketing agencies to service a wide range of digital marketing needs.

For example, digital marketing agencies like GO Digital provide integrated strategies that will result in a holistic marketing campaign that looks out for UI, UX, and HX or human experience. Even when technology levels up in the next few decades, thus, changing the way professionals and businesses approach digital marketing, at the core of every digital initiative lies insights into the human experience. Partnering with the right digital marketing agency will determine how well-crafted your overall strategy is.

4. Holographic ads

You’ve been seeing them everywhere. There’s no denying that holographic ads are making waves and making their way into the mainstream — quickly climbing up to the top of digital marketing and marketing tech trends lists. To date, holographic ad campaigns have enjoyed the momentum brought about by the hype of new, exciting tech. Agencies have seen how 3D ad campaigns transform into tourism spots or must-sees in a certain locality. So far, holographic ads prove to be a failsafe way of boosting brand recognition by way of virality. Surely as technology advances, marketers will start to see the migration of holographic interactions from the public space to the personal setting. Mobile devices will catch up soon enough.

5. Voice and visual search

Voice and visual search have become increasingly popular, too, which will also alter the way digital marketing agencies approach SEO and metadata. Take, for example, keywords. The way they are phrased when typing them onto a search engine is vastly different from how a person will use similar keyphrases in a conversational tone when enabling voice search. Visual search, on the other hand, is a whole other ballgame. The trend is very much in line with the current theme and ideology of the future being highly visual. This, of course, includes the future of digital marketing.

As the popularity of both voice and visual search continues to rise, businesses have the opportunity to optimize their searchability campaigns. These trends are just the beginning, and there are many more to watch out for in the coming years. What digital marketing trends is your business interested in exploring in 2023 and beyond? Let us know!

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