Hookah is in Trend – What is Hookah?

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hookahNot all hookahs are created equally. The differences can either be big or small, and it is not just about looks. The experience can also differ based on various factors. So, read on further to know what you should consider before making your purchase so you can have the best smoking experience.

Hookah Material

A hookah will be made from different kinds of materials. You can find ones that are made of brass, stainless steel, and copper, among others. Hookah pipes are the main part of hooka and you need to make sure it’s a good quality pipe. These days there are plenty of online stores that sell hookah pipes online. The most commonly preferred is brass because it generally lasts longer. It doesn’t rust and looks aesthetic even after being exposed to the rough elements of frequent use.

However, stainless steel is a close second to people’s preference. Though, you should be more cautious when it comes to building quality with this kind of material since it can rust. There are a lot more to choose from and each material has its fair share of benefits such as price, aesthetic, and maintenance.

Hookah Height

Size matters when choosing the right hookah. The bigger it is, the more smoke it can hold and the more smoke it will produce upon inhaling. The preferred height is between 28 to 32 inches. It is the golden range for the best performance. The size is also perfect when it comes to handling comfort.

However, if you are a traveller and intend to bring your hookah with you all the time, you don’t have the luxury to choose the best performing size. Though, there are ones that can go really small for convenience. That is not to say that it isn’t going to smoke well, it just means that there needs to be a little compromise in exchange for its size.

Number of Hoses

It is iconic among hookah smoking sessions to have multiple hoses. However, the more there are, the more the performance decreases. The main issue is with management. In order for one to get a good huff, all the other hoses must be plugged. Otherwise, the one smoking can’t get enough suction.

So, if you are buying a hookah for yourself, it is better to stick with a single hose. Otherwise, choose one that only has enough hoses for your purpose. This will make sure that you don’t compromise either convenience or experience.

The Tray

A hookah tray may look small and innocent, but it plays a huge part in the overall smoking experience. Look out for ones that either has questionable hole placement or size. Because when either ash or juice is capable of falling from the tray into the vase, it will affect the taste of every huff you make. 

When smoking, it is advisable to use a vortex tray for the best performance. However, while you are still at the buying phase of your hookah, why not make sure that the tray itself is similar to a vortex tray in the first place.

Hookah Hose

Pay attention to the hose of the hookah you are buying. There are quite a lot of choices in the market. You can find ones that are made out of simple plastic while silicon is also a pretty common yet more expensive choice.

So, what’s the difference? Silicone doesn’t absorb any amount of smoke nor does it affect the smoke quality with every inhale. However, plastic also does the same thing, but depending on the quality, there can be a plasticky aftertaste to it. 

It all boils down to quality. If you want to guarantee the greatest experience, go for silicone. However, plastic isn’t entirely all that bad as long as you know what you are buying. Even the cheapest ones can deliver a great performance. 

Hookah Prices

As old as time is the adage, “you get what you pay for”. If you buy something cheap, don’t expect it to have the best performance. The company has to cut corners one way or the other to deliver you the product, the question is, what are those?

So, always go for the decently priced hookahs, ones that aren’t expensive but not too cheap as well. It is also important to buy a hookah in person so you can check the quality. You never know, there can be visible weld lines and imperfect finishing work which can all lead to bad performance.

For those who wish to know more about hookah, you can check out this article that explains it in detail, the culture and tradition of hookah and more.

Buying A Hookah is Complicated

With so many things to consider, it is easier to smoke a hookah than to buy one. Though, if you make the right choices, you can have the best experience. Now that you know what to look out for, nothing can go wrong.  

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