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Best Beaches in Port Macquarie

best beaches in Port Macquarie

Town Port Macquarie in Sydney is probably one of the best places to unwind over the weekend or have a beachside getaway.

With over 17 beaches in Port Macquarie, the town is a sanctuary for beach lovers. Whether you want to spend your weekend surfing the pristine waves or sunbathing on a secluded beach, you will never run out of options. Nestled right at the mouth of the Hastings River, Port Macquarie is perfect for solo travelers, couples, and even families who are looking for a seaside escape.

If you have a plan to spend your next vacation surfing, swimming, or gazing at the winter sunset, head to one of these best beaches in Port Macquarie.

We have compiled a list of beaches to visit in Port Macquarie this winter for sun, sand, and shore escapade.

The Town Beach

Town Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Port Macquarie. This 600-meter long beach is just a short walk away from the town and offers plenty of options to spend the day by the sea. The beach makes an arc between the southern break wall of the Hastings River and Flagstaff Lookout Point. The waves are just perfect for surfing and bodyboarding activities or perfecting swimming skills. Whether you wish to surf the waves or stay by the shore, Town Beach has something for everyone. The beach has a picturesque backdrop of a small walking trail and a picnic spot where you can spend quality family time. When at the Town Beach, don’t forget to take pictures of the hand-painted graffiti art and visit the Maritime Museum.

The North Beach 

If you want to explore some of the best beaches near port Macquarie, North Beach should be on your travel list. The North Beach is an open beach located across the Hasting River, making it a perfect weekend getaway destination. North Beach is a secluded beach that can be accessed via the Settlement Point Ferry or by car. If you have an outdoorsy pup and want to take them to the beach, you can head to North Beach as it’s one of the very few pet-friendly beaches. When at North Beach, you can spend your day fishing, surfing, or just playing fetch with your dog.

Lighthouse Beach

Lighthouse Beach is one of the many reasons Port Macquarie Town is revered as a haven for surfers and beach lovers. Situated at the south of the town, Lighthouse beach is a long stretch of shimmering shoreline. Besides being a hotspot for surfing and safari activities, this beach holds historical significance. The beach houses Tacking Point Lighthouse, an old watchtower built in 1879. This ancient lighthouse is a heritage site that offers a perfect view of the sea to spot whales and migratory sea creatures.

For surfers and swimmers, the beach offers strong and powerful waves and perfect swells to surf. Since the currents are powerful, it’s best suited for intermediate and higher-level surfers.

Flynns Beach

If you are looking for a perfect beach to spend quality time with family and loved ones, head south of the Town Beach for Flynns Beach. Flynns Beach is spread over half a kilometer and wedged between two headlands, each with distinct rock formations. This iconic beach is patrolled by lifeguards making it safe for kids and people with disabilities. At Flynns Beach, you can just be yourself and roam carefreely.

The beach also has dedicated spots to set up picnic tables and unwind over barbecue after a long day of surfing.

Shelly Beach 

With white sand, sprawling stretch of rainforests, and a sloping cliff, Shelly Beach is a perfect destination for your itchy feet. This secluded natural tidal lagoon can be reached from the south of Nobby Head. If you are a nature lover and want to explore the surrounding vegetation, head to Harry’s Lookout situated south of the beach. Atop Harry’s Lookout, you can revel in the stunning view of the sea and forest.

The strong and powerful currents are ideal for surfers and swimmers who wish to soothe their adrenaline rush. However, one must be cautious when the winds are too strong. Besides swimming and surfing, one can spend time barbecuing and picnicking.

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