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Port Macquarie Holds Drive-in Movie Night

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Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, in partnership with Port Macquarie Karting Club and Got Ya Back Productions, will hold drive-in movie sessions for the month at Port Macquarie Karting Club located at Burrawan Forest Drive. What better way to kill the quarantine boredom than to watch a movie outside?

Movies have always been one of man’s favorite past-times. Sure enough, people on lockdown have missed seeing the movie houses and theaters. But why go outside when you can just watch from your television at home? Of course, watching it with light reflected only from that big silver screen under vast darkness is a different story. It adds to the ‘feels’ of the movie, making it more exciting and something to look forward to. And because the local government protocols prohibit the operation of movie houses, this drive-in movie night is a perfect idea for everyone. In fact, during the old days, drive-ins were already popular – for couples longing for private night dates, for the kids who wish to go out, and generally for the entire family who miss the outdoors and would like to watch movies under the skies.

In accordance to the social distancing protocol, the drive-in is a key to a romantic night-out with loved ones without the risk of catching the virus. Also, this drive-in idea assures safety as you no longer have to engage with other strangers.

Booking and purchasing tickets can be done online for only $35 per car – indeed affordable and worth every penny.

The production sets two sessions for this movie night to be aired at 7:30 pm and the second one at 9:30 pm. You can choose to either go for a family favorite movie Go or to a more adult matured movie Ocean’s Eleven. So, what’s the plan? Spark something exciting at home by booking a ticket to this drive-in movie night only at Port Macquarie Karting Club and enjoy a night of fun and excitement through a movie from the big screen while keeping yourselves safe inside the comforts of your own car.

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