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Koala Hospital Now Owns Land for Expansion

Koala Hospital Now Owns Land for Expansion

It is now clear that the Koala Hospital has gained the trust and faith of the Australian government as Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced to ‘gift’ 6,000 square meters of land to the hospital. As of writing, it is safe to say that the Koala Hospital now owns the land where it stands.

It was October last year when the Koala Hospital received its multi-million-dollar government funds for redevelopment. It is believed to be a total transformation of the structure into a highly iconic tourist destination in Australia. With its redevelopment and remodeling, various modifications were made into the picture. The once plain and mundane view is now given a new shed of light as it adds new feature for better tourist experience. With the longer walkways, research and educational hubs, and the koala museum and theater, it will be able to cater more tourists and at the same time be able to engage more people into appreciating and even participating in the taking care of our dear Koalas.

However, as the Covid19 pandemic stroke earlier this year, various changes were made regarding the operation of the Koala Hospital. Some parts of the area were restricted, and some activities were put to halt in accordance to the restrictions set by the government. Though the place is still open for visitors from 8:00 am to 4:30pm every day, it is only for self-guided tours. The free 3:00 pm guided tour already cancelled in order to adhere to the social distancing protocols. Also, the Koala museum and shops are closed for the moment. However, with the new normal set-up, the online portal on adopting a Koala is actively accepting donors and participants for this selfless venture. The eAdoptions (Adopt a Wildlife Koala) has been the trend during this pandemic as people continued to extend their help to the Koalas in the hospital.

Also, the hospital is working on developing an online App to be able to monitor and present statistics on the number of Koalas under the hospital’s care. It is good to note that such information will be available to the public who would like to look into the status of the management of the wild Koala populations, and might also be helpful to those who are working on some research on this venture.

Indeed, these major steps on the Koala Hospital have helped target its goal in protecting Koalas for the future. Together, we can help and work hand in hand to be able to protect, preserve and take care of our Koalas.

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