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The Best Camel Ride at Port Macquarie


If you’re from Australia or just visiting the island, your vacation would never be complete if you will not experience the spectacular ambience of Port Macquarie. It is a town at the Hastings River in Australia, known for its beaches and wildlife. But in this heart of tourism, there’s this breathtaking encounter that everyone should come across! The Port Macquarie Camel Safaris!

Australia, as a home to the world’s largest camel herd, is offering one of its own. According to the evaluation of the travel consulting company, Port Macquarie Camel Safari Park ranks sixth among the most visited trips. It is a unique camel ride along the iconic Lighthouse Beach with the accompaniment of the team’s storytelling of amazing facts and history of this marvelous ‘ship of the desert’. 

Now, you better put this great experience in your bucket list goals and feel the momentous eventuality only Mother Nature could offer.

Things to know before going to Port Macquarie:

  • Port Macquarie Camels do not take bookings, rather, they maintain the etiquette of first come, first serve trip. Hence, you will go back to your countryside life by simply arriving to the spot and be prepared for the fun exposure this place could propose. To add taste to the town, you must pay cash because camels can’t do much with credit cards. It’s better to always take cash with you to enjoy unlimited sceneries and settings of the place. 
  • But how much would it take for you to own the adventure of it? Well, an approximately 20 to 30 minutes of camel riding will only cost an adult (18 years and above) $40 and $25 for a child (17 years and under). This ride is quite long for first timers, but it was made sure that the ride is safe and goes for all ages. Helmets are included in the package for safety purposes.  Camel rides operate Sunday to Friday from 9:30am to 1:00pm, with changed hours during NSW School Holidays. So, just come down to Lighthouse Beach together with your family, friends and loved ones.


Disclaimer: Camels smell! But Port Macquarie Camel Safari can solve this problem for you. They made sure that camels are well-groomed and presentable enough for you to hop and ride on. Even more than that, under weather-permitting, the sea breeze fixes it. These camels are trained and docile and are managed by experienced handlers. Their staff are also accommodating, welcoming, and comforting. For animal lovers, you can get to notice that the camels were well cared for. In fact, according to the management, some had been rescued from the wilderness. Though this port is intended for tourism, they did not delimit their resources into one purpose only. They tend to expand their design for those camels who are in need of saving.


  • Now, where will the ride take you? This experience will take you to an outskirt of an exhilarating view of the stunning Lighthouse Beach. Along the coast, you’ll get to see the dolphins and Humpback whales. You’ll get an impromptu lesson about camels and plenty of humour from the interesting and entertaining tour guides. Coupled with your loved ones, it is strongly recommended that you do this romantic arrangement, together with a peaceful and gentle camel trip. 


What is the management level? One of the tourists shared his summer vacation experience with his family, and they listed riding camels in their objectives. After paying the money, his daughter somehow felt that her height was so high that she could not move on. The management, then, calmly told them that it is okay, and they can get their money back. He added that after all, it is not at all modern and just old school quality service and care. Thus, the folks at Port Macquarie are very considerate and understanding and give only the highest quality of service. 

Go through the “just like the old times” scenes and portraits at Port Macquarie while riding a camel strolling along with the beauty of Lighthouse Beach.

If you have any more recommendations or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Please feel free to drop your comment and share your experienc.

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