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9 Best Cruises in Port Macquarie

cruise Port Macquarie

Booking a cruise in Port Macquarie can be one of the best things you can do when planning for your holidays in Port Macquarie. 

Port Macquarie cruise adventures offer great value for your vacation dollar because the fares include nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip: food, accommodations, daytime and evening entertainment and transportation between travel destinations. From tots to teens, grandparents to grandkids, family cruises are fun for all ages. Cruising is social too. If you love to meet people from around the country — and the world — cruising provides a wonderful opportunity to make new friends.

I think we all agree that a day or two at the beach is quite a lot of stress-reliever. As far as coastal destinations go, Port Macquarie always comes in handy for travellers that are on a tight budget. A smart traveller would know that it does not always have to take a fortune to enjoy life someplace elsewhere that is beautiful and comfortable. 

In New South Wales, Australia, Port Macquarie sits proudly along the Hastings River. It is a 4-hour drive from Sydney’s suburbs. It is known for its magnificent waters and rainforest and is home to dolphins and whales. Moreover, it is known to be the haven of the greatest number of Koalas in all of Australia. It’s not only a place for plain travellers but is also a place of art enthusiasts. In it resides the Glasshouse—a house of different works of art ranging from architecture, abstract and landscape arts. It’s the complete package for a bunch of different groups who can’t decide where to go! 


9 Best Cruises in Port Macquarie

Travel and relaxation facing the seas is but a day well-spent. The breeze of fresh air is heaven as you board on one of the best cruises in Port Macquarie— a place where you get to have the best view of the Hastings River while sailing smoothly through the vast body of water.

Come and ride as we venture over nine of the best cruises available in Port Macquarie.

Sunset Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting)

Enjoy a 90-minute river cruise onboard the newly renovated Discovery 2  boat. The route costs $25.00, enroute Hasting river all the way through Broadwater canals, enjoying scenic view plus wildlife encounter including the world’s most friendly dolphins.


Eco River Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting)

An enjoyable 120-minute ride for $30.00, this slow river cruise over Hastings river goes through the Limeburners creek. This cruise has a flat-bottomed boat, allowing riders to enjoy the oyster farms and other wildlife while onboard.


Boom Net Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting)

This cruise is onboarding the newest boat Essence, most suitable for family and large group cruising. Enjoy the cool breeze of the Hasting Rivers open waters for two hours for just $20.00


Afternoon Delight River Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting)

Savor the view of friendly dolphins while onboard for a ninety-minute ride. It is note-worthy that kids under 2 years are of free ride charge. This $25.00 worth cruise is perfect for a family trip by the seas.


Fish & Chip River Cruise

This $40.00 trip is worth every penny as includes a delectable meal on board! It is good to sit, relax and watch the scenic view while enjoying good food from a wide variety of options to choose from.


Wauchope 5-hr River Cruise

Hop in to this once-a-month cruise onboard Discover 2 boat. This unique and relaxing five-hour trip is perfect for contemplating, meditating, relaxing and who can ever say no to full course meal from wraps, sweets and tea? For $90.00, you could get the worth of the price.


Devonshire Morning Tea River Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting)

A morning is always a promise of a brand-new day, a new beginning. This $30.00 cruise is the best as we welcome a brand-new morning facing the Hastings river and the fresh, cold breeze for 90 minutes.


Morning Tea River Cruise (includes Dolphin Spotting) Rise and welcome the day on board for 2 hours of cruise experience for $30.00 which includes a simple tea and crackers. There’s never a dull day when you see the dolphins by the seas.


Hastings River Cruise (with Dolphin Spotting)

Named after the river itself, never say no to a beautiful ride for 90 minutes. Enjoy the view with the company of good friends and loved ones facing the vast water. Costs $30.00 for a great time to relax.


Note that if you’ve come from COVID19 hotspot areas, contact the cruise management teams to arrange trip delays.

Never live a life that misses the view of the open seas. These nine choices leave you with no choice but to choose one that fits your budget and style. Indeed, life is never boring when you’re on board!


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