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$10 Million Funding to public schools in Port Macquarie

Funding to public schools in Port Macquarie

Twenty-two (22) public schools in Port Macquarie will be the beneficiary of the 2021 Gonski funding, an arrangement intended to secure that every school has given the proper resources to support every child’s dream to learn and be educated.

A total of $10 million will be distributed to the schools through the Resource Allocation Model (RAM) for the purpose of uplifting the quality education and learning performances given by the schools to their students.

Hon. Leslie Williams, a member of the legislative assembly of Port Macquarie, said in an interview that “2021 will be the eighth year that the Resource Allocation Model has delivered funding certainty to schools to enable them to plan for each individual student.”

She added that the funding’s distribution will be based on the school and student’s greatest need. Seven (7) RAM loadings of the school will be taken into consideration: location, per capita, socio-economic status, cultural status, adjustment for disability, proficiency in English, and professional learning.

“Needs-based funding underpins the strength of public education providing equity of opportunity and ensure local schools continue to flourish and deliver for every student,” she added.

Moreover, Mrs. Williams is happy to announce that the funding allocation for 2021 is bigger for over $468,000 from the last year in order to ensure that more plans and actions are made for the school and students. The pandemic has affected the education system of the country and the increase of funding allocation for 2021 will be a great help for the schools to cope up with the effects of the pandemic.

Here is a short glimpse of the top 5 schools with their corresponding allocation. Camden Haven High School, located in the Mid North Coast region, will be given the highest portion of over $1.75 million. It is followed by Westport Public School with over $1.29 million and Hasting Secondary College, Westport Campus with over $1.12 million. Port Macquarie Public School, situated in the North Coast region, got the fourth spot with a share of over $1.03 million and the fifth one is the Hasting Secondary College, Port Macquarie Campus, which is also in the Mid North Coast region, allocated with over $959 thousand.

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