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Tourism remains unmoved after coastal travelers decide to cross frontiers to NT

Tourism remains unmoved after coastal travelers decide to cross frontiers to NT

Times are indeed tough but tourism at Port Macquarie remains unmoved as travelers have decided to cross frontiers. Still, there is a need to amplify strategies to improve the tourism as the season starts. The flock of people coming over may pose a good number for tourism, it still would not suffice to revive the season out.

The recent changes in the NT border may have invited a trifling number of tourists but as the rainy season enters, a distinguishable fluctuation on the number of tourists becomes a rising concern. Because of this, we can safely assume that the event did not help in boosting tourism in town.

On an interview by Riverview Tourist Village manager Dee Miller, he narrated how a compact number of tourists came over to Katherine not long ago and they are largely from “states with open borders” such South Australia and Queensland. There are also a few tourists that they have identified to be from Victoria who remained in the area until today.

Although the small flock did not impressively improve the tourism in the area, Ms Miller expressed a sense of solace that this brought to her to still have business going on in this challenging time. Thankfully, as she mentioned, it’s a great news to know that once the borders will open, many have expressed their intent to travel, that’s relief.

The Burns from Post Macquarie in New South Wales are said to be one of the rare visitors of Katherine who decided to travel to the town by passing through South Australia. The family had planned this trip to Northern Territory for a long time now, but when there were changes on the border rules, they decided to take the route through South Australia since the boarders in Queensland are closed.

The Northern Territory government incentivized people hoping to uplift tourism by inviting people to come earlier to avail the next round of the famous tourist vouches.

Discount on tourist bookings starts at $200 and through this, the Northern Territory government rounds up the first batch of the voucher scheme generated to over $9.6 million.

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