Granny Flat Modular Homes: All You Need ToKnow About


Granny flats have become very popular nowadays. Earlier, they were used to accommodate older adults or guests. Still, now most people are using up the extra space to convert it into a granny flat and earn some extra money in rental income.

However, the use of granny flat is not merely limited to just rental property. You can get as creative as you want and convert the granny flat modular homes into a lounge area, home office, and other choice-able options. Read on further to get familiar with the types of granny flat modular homes.


Granny Flat Design

Unlike the conventional notion that granny flats are not versatile, and you have limited options when it comes to choosing the right kind of design for your granny flat modular homes.  When choosing such homes, you should get in touch with manufacturers who will never hesitate to share with you the important aspects of granny flat and their uses.



Here Are Some Of The Common Designs That You Can Choose From:

In-Home granny flat:

This is the easiest type of granny flat to construct. You can easily convert the existing space in your house into a granny flat. It will have a separate entrance, though it will be a part of your own house. You will have a drywall part of your house to be a part of the granny flat.


Home-Extension Granny Flat:

As evident from the name, this granny flat is built upon the existing home; this could be like building an extra floor. You also need to invest in constructing a staircase to give access to this section.


Detached Granny Flat:

The most popular granny flat is completely separate from the main house. There is no shared wall, and such granny flats have complete privacy.

With the constriction of detached granny flats, you can opt for granny flat modular homes instead of constructing them from scratch. These prefab homes are easy to install and are also cost-effective compared to the conventional construction method.


Benefits Of Granny Flat Modular Homes

 So, what are the benefits of granny flat modular homes?

There Are Several Benefits Of Such Homes, These Include:


1. Cost saver

One of the key benefits that you get is that modular homes are cheaper than conventional homes. Since most of the house parts are built at the workshop, and only installation is done on the site, you can easily save on the labour cost and time.

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2. Energy-Efficient

The granny flat modular home manufacturers emphasize creating energy-efficient homes. Everything adds up to create an eco-friendly and energy-efficient home, from using energy-efficient equipment and accessories to recycled materials.

3. Faster Construction

It is not an uncommon fact that constructing a home requires a lot of time and patience. Still, in the case of granny flat modular homes, you don’t have to wait for long. The components manufacturing is done in the workshop, and only the installation is done on the site. Also, environmental factors like rain or heat won’t delay the installation as much as it impacts the constriction of the home from scratch. This is how, you can save time and money.


Suppose you are convinced of having a granny flat modular home. In that case, you must also consider the experience and credibility of the manufacturer. Since certain myths are associated with these homes, only a reliable and competent manufacturer can resolve them and assure you of the best quality. Make sure that you choose a local manufacturer so that you can save on the transport charges.

With all these benefits, granny flats are certainly a cost-effective and viable solution to use up the space and add more value to the property.

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