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How Many Golf Courses Are There In Australia?

How Many Golf Courses Are There In Australia

Australians love to golf. With over 1800 courses scattered across the country, it is no wonder that Aussies indulge in the occasional swing on the green. This is further motivated by the stunningly natural beauty and raw breathtaking scenery that the Australian Outback is known for.

Due to the sport’s increasing popularity, suburban residences are trying to find their way to fuse residential living and golf. Aside from the fact that it increases the property’s market value to up to 10 percent, it is every golfer’s dream to live literally beside a fairway.

However, it is not that common for suburban homes in Australia to be built near golf courses. Still, some residences manage to pull this off. Locations such as the Eastlakes, Sydney; Benowa, Gold Coast; Cape Shanck, Mornington Peninsula; and Chirnside, Melbourne are rare areas offering comfortable living and luxurious residential estates situated alongside legendary championship golf courses.

Sadly, not every golfer soul can afford to live in areas with nearby access to golf courses. It may seem like owning a house near championship greens is simply a dream for the average golf enthusiast. However, advancements in tech have made it possible to play in the same legendary golf courses without leaving one’s home.


Golf Simulators – A Revolutionary Golfing Experience

It is always a struggle to shuffle work and golf. Some players decide on a specific day of the week to go to the course and perfect their swing. However, it may be quite difficult to arrange a play-in with peers due to the varying climate conditions, especially in inclement weather.

For those who intend to be serious in playing golf but are hindered by circumstances such as distance, time, and club membership costs, purchasing a golf simulator is a practical alternative.

Golf simulators offer virtually the same golfing experience as going to the actual golf course. However, the best part of having a golf simulator is that it can be set up and used in virtually any location. It can be installed inside your office, in your living space, and even in your backyard. One notable golf simulator is the Garmin Approach R10 golf simulator.


Garmin Approach R10 Golf Simulator

The Garmin Approach R10 golf simulator is a noteworthy device for golf enthusiasts. Its compact design reduces its weight compared to the earlier bulky golf simulators offered by other brands.

It also offers state-of-the-art sensor technology which captures actual golf swings while analyzing fundamental user tendencies. This is made possible by its real-time video recording capabilities.

The Garmin Approach R10 golf simulator also offers a variety of golf courses to choose from. From stunning landscapes to legendary golf courses that only professional golfers have the chance to play in. Its level of detail to golf landscapes is highly realistic, giving users an authentic feel of the course they select.


Key Takeaways

Golf simulators are a practical and highly valuable alternative to playing golf on a course. Garmin has developed golf simulators that are highly portable, easy to set up, and offer a highly realistic golfing experience. It provides a wide array of golf courses to choose from. Users will surely enjoy this feature as it highlights all championship courses globally. Golf simulators can also be used to track valuable golf metrics such as swing form and tendency.

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